Saturday, April 05, 2008

Information and Data Visualization in Education

I will use this blog to store information and data visualization content. This semester, I'm taking Visualization and Visual Communication. The topic my team is focusing on is school violence and related risk factors. After looking at a variety of data sets, we discovered that young people who fall within the ninth grade age range have high rates of problems across a variety of factors and indicators.

These factors are studied and analyzed by a variety of agencies and organizations, and the data is culled from many sources.

Graduation Project, 2007 EdWeek Maps EPE Research Center

Annual Study of Suspensions and Expulsions, 2006-07 Report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee, Public Schools of North Carolina State Board of Education Department of Public Instructions

Expuslsions by grade level

"The ninth grade short-term suspension totals in the chart reveal a definite upward trend

over the last five years. The total of 71,494 short-term suspensions received by ninth

graders in 2006-07 is 22.6% higher than the 58,335 received in 2002-03."

"Students who are expelled from a school and who fail to return to school are coded with “Expulsion” (EXPL) as a reason for dropping out. These students are not included in the official counts or rates that appear in this report. In 2006-2007, there were 72 dropout events coded with EXPL, 69 of which were in grades 9 through 12."

Above: Report to the Joint Legistlative Education Oversight Committee
Annual Report on Dropout Events and Rates
Public Schools of North Carolina, State Board of Education
Department of Public Instruction

Percent of students suspended by grade
Milwalkee Public Schools:
5 20.1%
6 36.5
7 40.2
8 42.2
9 48.2
10 36.9
11 34.3
12 23.6

Collins, L., Fruth, L., Sessa,M., Laird, E. The Right Data to the Right People at the Right Time: How Interoperability Helps America's Students.
June 2007

Data Quality Campaign

Linking Education and Social Services Data to Improve Child Welfare October 2007

Age Distribution of Dropouts
NC Annual Report of School Violence 2006-07

Report on the Implementation of the Gun-Free Schools Act in the States and Outlying Areas 2003-04

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